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The fairground ride you just can’t stop

Children. They do this thing. They get bigger and older and more interesting every day. And that’s all well and good when they’re teeny and you’re entranced by their every snot bubble, but when they hit that age and you … Continue reading

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On being an aunt

I remember you. Painfully sounding letters, then words Looking up, expecting criticism Surprised by praise. Your face smoothing From worried frown to relieved smile.   I still see you. Scared and fierce. Dreading the journey. Holding your brother to keep … Continue reading

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Will you represent me?

Will you represent me? Will you speak the words I’d say? Will you think of cause and effect? Will you plan for future days?   Or will my words die in your throat When headlines hate in strident font and … Continue reading

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Social Justice Warriors, Political Correctness, and Butthurt

So here’s the thing.  I hate these three phrases/words. The people who use them are offended by someone drawing their attention to other’s genuine discomfort or emotional pain.  And if you are offended by someone trying to explain to you … Continue reading

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Christmas without the high street?

I am very privileged to live in an area with loads of independent traders, and I seem to have many friends who are unfairly talented and creative. Wouldn’t it be pleasant,  I mused, to spend some of the Christmas shopping … Continue reading

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Further to a discussion* with a good friend** about school gate politics (post to follow), I have been thinking about how people become socially aware. For me, as the youngest pet of a large family, school was just an extension … Continue reading

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